Renewable Energy During a Pandemic

Sure, emissions have dropped over the past year thanks in part to the global pandemic. A significant portion of that historic drop can be tracked back to people, globally, investing in renewables…namely solar energy.

According to Irina Ivanova, journalist, “Installations of wind and solar power soared 61% over the previous year, with 33.6 gigawatts added to the grid in 2020.” Did that know that that is enough sustainable energy to power, well, approximately 11 million people’s homes for 365 days?

And according to CBS News, developers now continue to build natural gas facilities, just at a lower rate. “Regulatory filings show that 38 gigawatts' worth of natural-gas plants, or slightly more than the total amount of renewable power added in 2020, could come online in the next five years,” the news giant concludes.

That’s all amazing news and very positive, but why are Americans in particular reenacting a “goldrush” scenario? According to Popular Science, solar power has cheapened and become more affordable. Approximately a decade ago, solar power was one of the most expensive options for “building a new energy development.”

The Levelized Cost of Energy Report says that since 2011, the cost of solar power has dropped 90 percent. And Ula Chrobak states, “Utility-scale solar arrays are now the least costly option to build and operate.

So our question is, what are you waiting for? The time to invest in and install solar energy is now. And Integrity Solar Solutions will assist you at the speed of light.