Remote Power and Energy

Want to receive approximately $19,000.00 in Federal and State Tax credits just for choosing to go solar? It’s possible.

One amazing customer of ours at Integrity Solar Solutions received a system installation in September of 2018. And that system has generated 39,000 kWh, which equated to a grand total savings of approximately $7,800.00.

So, how does Integrity Solar Solutions calculate? It’s relatively simple. We apply the average utility rate in a customer’s area to show him or her their monetary savings from the energy generated by not purchasing directly from a utility company.

The particular customer we’re discussing now, again, as previously mentioned, received just under $19,00.00 in Federal and State Tax Credits simply because they chose renewable energy. All our customers have full access to remote system monitoring through a satellite network; this allows them to measure their system’s performance over periods of time.

Therefore, the installer and the manufacturer are also granted access to remote system monitoring. This is extremely important because Integrity Solar Solutions will receive real-time notifications should any issues arise. Nine times out of ten, issues can be resolved by the manufacturer simply by troubleshooting remotely from…California!

And honestly, it’s so important having a local installer and operator; everything is done on a local level – from installation to any and all service calls. That’s a guarantee.

Integrity Solar Solutions is the operator of the system and we’re responsible for upholding the manufacturer warranties.

If interested in working with us, we’ll be able to assist you at the speed of light.