Preventing Solar Grid Disasters

Updated: Mar 15

Have you ever considered pairing batteries with your solar-powered home? Mauricio Montoya did in Texas, and despite the horrific winter weather he and his neighbors experienced recently, he was so glad he did. His home became a beacon of hope during the disaster.

It’s no surprise that here in the US, we have a complicated power infrastructure. Our country is “straining more and more in the face of both climate-change-induced extreme weather and increasing overall demand,” National Geographic states.

Alejandra Borunda, journalist, says that small-scale solar energy projects – coupled with batteries that can ultimately store power collected on roofs – can keep someone’s lights on for extended periods of time…even when a power grid fails.

Batteries are now only beginning to play an integral role in supporting a larger grid, “if networked together and used correctly into a sort of ‘virtual power plant’”, smoothing out the imperfections of the high demand for electricity. The ultimate goal is to, one day, curb blackouts for good…for all.

National Geographic states that batteries that can store solar-produced electricity have gotten more effective over the last 10 years. “Costs for utility-scale batteries have dropped by 70 percent."