Panels, Pizza and the Pentagon

No, what you’re about to read it not a work of science fiction. According to Gizmodo, Pentagon scientists sent a solar panel – the size of an average pizza box – packing to space. Their goal? To test and see if it’s actually “possible to send extraterrestrial electricity back to earth.”

The “pizza box panel”, if you will, is called the Photovoltaic Radiofrequency Antenna Module – or more simply – PRAM. Dharna Noor, journalist, states that the PRAM is designed to capture the powerful blue light in outer space that doesn’t pass through our atmosphere.

CNN recently reported that yes, PRAM was indeed a success. “The thing does indeed capture power,” their team stated. Dharna Noor says, “The scientists found it can generate 10 watts of energy, which is enough to power an iPad, though they didn’t test out the transmission back to Earth part via microwaves” just yet.

CNN representatives confirmed that PRAM is a prototype for a future system to send electricity from outer space to any single point on planet Earth.

When they say “speed of light”, they’re not joking.