Off-Grid Container Homes of the Future

Self-sustainable housing is becoming more and more popular, especially as today’s generations Y and beyond are evolving into homeowners.

Would you go completely off the grid? Weigh out your pros and cons for a moment… You’ll be living remotely – by a river or under a mountain – and the woes of city living would only be a distant memory.

So, with that, did you know that architects from the firm, Pin-Up Houses, designed an upcycled shipping container recently? It’s amazing and the home of the future, with a wind turbine, solar panels and yes, even a self-sustaining water collection system.

We’ll ask you again… Could you do it?

What if money was no object?

According to Interesting Engineering, the off-grid home measures 20 x 8 ft and costs only $21,000.00 to build – it’s essentially move-in ready.

But where does it get its power? From solar panels, of course! They’re located on the sustainable home’s roof and there are 3 of them. Each solar panel is 165 watts.

And to assist in long-term power production, the home also has a wind turbine. Both power sources are backed up by battery power…just in case.