Norwalk Getting Solar Energy

Sure, solar array carports are popping-up all over Norwalk, but how will low-income communities benefit from other solar initiatives moving forward?

The Ridgefield Press states Norwalk’s “statewide initiative, the Solar For All Program, is a partnership between Connecticut Green Bank and PosiGen to bring solar energy to low-income communities.”

The community overall is looking forward to celebrating Earth Day. The mayor – Mayor Harry Rilling – stated he is excited about making solar and energy efficiency programs in general, more accessible to a wider audience – namely families – to assist in reducing their carbon footprints and electric bills.

Journalist Abigail Brone reports Mayor Rilling saying that the Solar For All Program is an imperative program for reducing financial burdens on low-income residents. Homeowners are now encouraged to explore the program in depth. Other community members are then encouraged to spread the word on widespread solar energy opportunities.

Truthfully, to make a change, it has to start with one person.