Morocco and Renewable Energy

Recently, according to research, it’s been said that Morocco will invest MAD 52.1 billion (approximately USD 5.8 billion) in renewable energy!

According to the ArabBrazilian Chamber of Commerce, “Major solar projects are underway in different cities, and the country is looking to meet over 52% of its electricity needs through renewable sources by” the year 2030. The country is also on track to become self-sufficient in the long haul.

Zachary Shahan, journalist, states, “At the end of 2019, solar power had a production capacity of 736 megawatts (MW) in Morocco. Renewables as a whole had 3,264 MW of production capacity.” Now looking ahead, it’s said that solar power will carry a majority of renewable energy growth on its back.

But, can solar energy be counted on to bring Morocco to a brighter, more sustainable future? Experts are hopeful.

The Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) says that Morocco as a whole, is a leader in renewable energy action. “Morocco is one of the most advanced countries in successfully planning and executing its renewable energy strategies,” The Solutions Project states.