Mimicking a Sunset with Solar

As we’ve stated in the past, more and more people are turning to solar power and there shows no sign of that stopping anytime soon.

Unfortunately, however, the world around us isn’t allowing for the strict use of renewable energy due to lack of accessibility and affordability across the board. According to My Modern Met, many innovators around the world are trying hard to change that and make the future, well, brighter for all.

Marjan van Aubel, a well-known designer, is looking for a way to bring renewable energy into everyday life, and “elevate it from a merely functional resource for energy into a thing of beauty.” With that, we’d like to introduce a little thing called Sunne to you. It’s a light that ultimately “harvests” or collects the sun’s rays and elevates it from a ball of energy to classy interior design.

According to research, Sunne can definitely “hang freely” from its two wires. And it stores energy into an integrated battery which later draws from to “case glow of ambient light.” We’re positive we’ll be adding Sunne to our wish list in the near future.

Sunne can also “rise”, “light” and “set” according to its three main functions. Sunne also changes colors. Is anybody else getting modern lava lamp vibes, just more sustainable and scientific?