Investing in Solar Energy

According to The Motley Fool, the energy industry is rapidly changing and it shows no signs of slowing down. Formerly more dominant fuel types such as oil and coal are being replaced by cheaper, more efficient and environmentally-friendly energy sources.

The time is NOW to anticipate an extremely high demand shift due to the quick rise of advances in electric vehicles. The renewable industry is about to rock and we all have to be ready to roll. So, are we ready to put our wallets to the test for a better future?

The hydrogen economy is emerging, according to Travis Hoium. Some companies in the industry are producing real game-changers, such as electrolyzers. These items will utilize solar and wind-powered electricity to produce hydrogen for its fuel cells.

Other companies are developing tools to sell, quote and install solar panels and energy storage systems.

More and more people in today’s society are becoming aware of and extremely concerned with the global climate crisis; carbon emissions are at the heart of said concerns, therefore, creating more acute awareness around renewable energy.

Renewable energy is appealing. It’s cleaner and more efficient and truthfully, can make for a great investment to your portfolio.

And right now, as the world turns, one of the biggest attractions of investing in renewable energy is that fact that it’s sustainable. Imagine a world where, as we’ve mentioned, there is no longer gas to frack or oil to drill. But the sun? Now you’re talking.

In the US alone, there are countless patches of land (see one of our past articles on this topic) that have a receive very high percentage of sunlight annually.

And better yet, another pro for investing in solar energy is, according to U.S. News, the fact that there is a relatively low environmental impact compared to fossil fuels. “While anything will have an impact, solar-powered electricity offers much lower greenhouse gas emissions than oil and coal, and it doesn’t do the same damage to the land that you see with fracking,” according to Miranda Marquit.

Of course, these are only recommendations and should be thoroughly researched prior to any final decision making. The future of our world is solar.