Integrity Solar Solutions: Support Local

The message of 2021 is simply to support local businesses.

Our company, Integrity Solar Solutions, was founded in Northern New Jersey. Our staff and employees are all from New Jersey, too; they’ve even grown up in the state and have local roots. Some close staff members are from the New York Hudson Valley, but, the point is, it’s all in the family.

We’re a tightknit group that came together for one reason: Sustainability for a brighter future.

Where are we located? We have one office in New City, New York.

Where do we do business? In New Jersey and New York. We’re extremely local and support local, too. That’s our mission and has been from day one.

What do we offer? $0 Down Financing, Utility Credits, Top Warranties, System Monitoring and so much more.

We’re Integrity Solar Solutions. We firmly believe in a solar installation experience that not only is ethical but reliable, too.

Support local. Support the energy of the future.