Improving Solar Cells

We have no intention of teaching a cooking class anytime soon. However, we want to point out that some of your favorite foods may have found themselves into solar panels…and you didn’t even know it.

Let’s start off with capsaicin. According to the BBC, this is the chemical that gives delicious and vibrant chili peppers that spicy flavor. It’s been said that capsaicin improves perovskite solar cells, “the devices that make up solar panels.”

Journalist Jon Major says, “Adding capsaicin expands the grains which make up the active material of the solar cell, allowing it to more effectively transport electricity.” Therefore, the material then goes from having, what we call a “deficit” of electrons, to have an abundance. This “changes how the cell operates and allows more sunlight to be converted” into energy.

Jon Major also discusses how, essentially, a cousin of table salt, can “dramatically reduce the cost of solar energy.”

Say what? It’s true.

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