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How Solar Can Eliminate Your Electric Bill

Let's admit it, who doesn't enjoy saving money? Solar companies advertise that solar can eliminate your electric bill, but how? Below is a step-by-step breakdown from the time sunlight hits your solar panels, to the time your utility bill’s affected.


Solar panels absorb light from the sun. That energy is transferred to electricity (DC to AC) by an Inverter which is included as part of your solar system.


Electricity is then back fed from the inverter to the main power grid. Your utility meter on the side of your house will track and record all the electricity generated from your solar system.


That utility meter will then convert that electricity into credits which will be applied directly to your utility bill and used to offset your electric delivery and supply charges. The “Basic Service Charge” located at the top of your delivery charges will remain the same. Solar credits will be used to offset all other electric Delivery & Supply charges.


Below is an example of a homeowner in Monroe, NY who went solar a few years ago. The utility company will track all your cumulative credits throughout the year and apply them to electric charges when needed. This utility bill has a solar section called “Net Metering Summary” which keeps track of all your cumulative solar credits throughout the year. You will notice this homeowner was billed for 0 kWh:

If you would like to learn more about this process and find out if your home qualifies for solar, CLICK HERE to schedule a brief call with John, our Solar expert!

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