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How do I know if my House is Good for Solar Panels?

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

How do you know if your house is good for solar panels? There are several factors at play that determine how viable your roof is for solar panels. When a solar company tells you that your home is NOT eligible for solar panels there could be several reason. Is it possible that your home can be made BETTER for solar panels? Short answer is yes. To get a better understanding of how this works, let's explore these factors:

Roof Orientation and Tilt

Solar panels need direct sunlight to work efficiently. So the first factor we will discuss is shade and sunlight. The best orientation is DUE SOUTH. The azimuth, or direction that your roof is facing is one of the most important factors. 180 degrees due south is the most efficient. In terms of tilt, steeper roofs are OK as long as they are due south. If the roof is facing north, west or east, it can still be viable at a lower pitch (less than 30 degrees).

Roof Age and Condition

For roof age, it's really not a great idea to have a roof in bad condition or a roof that is older than 15 years. If your roof has a history of leaking it's best to address that first before looking into solar. Here at Integrity Solar Solutions, we also do roofing inspections and replacements. One of our roof technicians can check if the roof needs to be replaced before putting the solar panels on. We provide the lowest roof replacement prices around because we may be able to include your roof project in the NY or NJ clean energy program (more information below). The main product we install is GAF HD lifetime shingles, which are warrantied for life. This is the gold standard in residential roofing and we offer it at a great price. Read more on the GAF lifetime roofing system here:

Tree Shade

And the last factor is tree shade. Obviously the more direct, unobstructed sunlight you get, the better. Here at Integrity Solar Solutions we provide an accurate estimate of how much energy and how many kilowatt hours (kWh) your system can produce. The software and technology used is AURORA satellite shade assessments. This is an award winning, government approved technology used to provide accurate and reliable estimates of what solar panels can do monthly and yearly for your home. This system is approved by both NYSERDA and also the NJ Clean Energy Program. See the picture below for a view:

Part of the reason that we have a good long term relationship with our customers and receive referrals years afterward is because of our accurate system reports and customer service. We track the performance years after your system has been installed. Not many solar companies will maintain a relationship like that! We are happy to provide customer references in your area at your request. We have systems that have been operational for several years.

For a complete analysis of roof, shade, solar production and home consumption, please call 845-584-3100 extension 1 and ask for John (covers NY and NJ). We'll determine if your roof replacement can be included in the clean energy program.

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