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Global Solar Panels

Different cities around the world manage to handle solar energy differently.

According to our sources, there is a small village in Rema which is located in Ethiopia. The villagers run a solar pump by a connected water's really a sight to be seen. DW states that the apparatus is housed outside the village, and its water has been pumped via solar since the year 2016. It supplies water to over 6,000 villagers.

In the Miraflor area, which is located in Nicaragua, local inhabitants earn a living from cultivating delicious coffee. Up until the year 2013 - not too long ago - Miraflor did not have any energy whatsoever. Electricians installed solar panel farms over people's homes and now, local farmers and agriculturalists have enough power to run lights and other large appliances to get by.

Solar panels literally can save lives.


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