DIY Solar Panels

Do you feel that you can install solar panels on your own and save money? Experts say it may be a bigger and more expensive project than you think.

We’ve all seen DIY shows and most of the time, participants in the world of reality television come out on top…with a few extra dollars in their pockets. But when it comes to attempting to cut costs while installing solar panels – wholesale – the outcome is different.

Installation, for one, takes years of professional training to conquer. And according to research, DIY solar systems’ efficiency will decrease compared to “the standard life span of solar panels that are professionally installed.” And most of the time, panels that a professional team install have approximately 25-year warranties attached to them.

Plus, consider the cost of getting your solar panel(s) certified! It could take a very long time – maybe even months – to confirm. And not to mention that the certification process adds up quickly.

Fine, alright… Once you’ve installed a panel or panels on your own, you’ll then be tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the entire system. This can quickly become a daunting task, and more costs will be accrued than originally thought.

Essentially, we are alluding to the fact that going it alone is not the smartest route to take.

With Integrity Solar Solutions, everything – from installation to maintenance (as mentioned in a past article) – is managed for you. We provide stellar solar solutions at the speed of light.