Delaware Farms and Solar Panels

Did you know that Delaware farmers are giving back? Well, they have Mother Nature’s sun to thank for it.

Legislation in the great state of Delaware, according to Lancaster Farming, required 25% of the state’s energy use to derive from renewable sources by the year 2025. “The more recent legislation, sponsored by Senator Stephanie Hansen and Representative Ed Osienski, increased that amount along with the timeframe offered”, journalists reported. But now, according to the Delaware Farm Bureau, 40% of energy used in the state must come from renewable sources.

One woman, Ms. Katharine Parry – a Delaware resident – states that “solar panels not only enhanced my family’s poultry farming practice, but it has helped the environment and other electricity customers, too.” The farmer also noticed that solar panels saved her a lot of money.

One major solar company in Delaware helped Ms. Parry, and most likely countless other farming families, research and choose proper financing options – which include loans – before solar installation even started.

Ms. Parry reported that before she implemented solar panels on her farm, her electricity bill used to cost her several thousand dollars a month. Now, her bill does not go above $600.00.