Clean Energy is the Future

According to The Washington Post, battery production is the KEY to building a green-energy workforce, but without more support from the government, the United States may miss out.

The new President Biden administration has promised a swift rollout of the “clean-energy economy”, but truthfully it faces a slow and long uphill battle. America’s at the back of the class – in comparison to Europe and even Asia – when it comes to who will produce the central technology – “the high-tech batteries that power electric cars and store solar and wind energy,” Jeanne Whalen states.

Benchmark Mineral Intelligence reported that China currently dominates batter production today with 93 “gigafactories” that manufacture lithium-ion battery cells, versus four in the US. “If current trends continue, China is projected to have 140 gigafactories by 2030, while Europe will have 17 and the United States, just 10.” The US is lagging, but the future still has a fighting chance.

Our country will catch-up, according to other US companies and those supporting the clean energy movement. However, it’s necessary that the federal government not only coordinate, but finance a swift “push to boost domestic manufacturing of batteries and their raw materials, as governments in China, South Korea and Europe are doing.”

Can we, the people, change the course of history? Will America become a leader in clean energy?