California and Solar Energy Standards

Did you know that back as far as 2020, California dreamin’ became more heavenly?

According to Quartz, “…Every newly-built home must now come with enough solar panels to satisfy electricity needs.” And truth be told, according to our sources, the California Energy Commission (CEC) approved the building code rule unanimously in 2018. So, this was certainly a project in the works and had a long haul ahead.

World Economic Forum states that solar panels are installed on approximately 20% of new homes built in the sunny state of California. “That figure will rise to 100% for every home under four stories tall,” Michael J. Coren, journalist, commented.

And the “quiet revolution”, as some have called it, has really taken off. According to the CEC, approximately 74,000 new installations were expected to be completed last year.

Getting the state on board – let alone the country – is no easy feat. Buyers are still concerned with costs, installation processes and the overall “unappealing” look of solar panels. Most of the general population that invests in solar energy have the advantage of purchasing the energy of the future as a luxury, too.

World Economic Forum states that residential solar costs dropped 23% over the last five years or so. Abigail Ross Hopper stated in an interview with Greentech Media, “There are over 100,000 customers annually that will see the acquisition of solar as a normal part of their home transaction.”

Let’s keep the momentum going, America. The rise of solar energy will be faster than the speed of light before we know it.